Coloring the world

This is what the outside world looks like. The sky in this picture is blue! But other than that, the landscape is largely colorless. It’s also bitingly cold. So inside, we’ve returned to a forgotten pastime around here: coloring. I haven’t colored in years, though I did enjoy design books even before coloring became popular… Read More Coloring the world


World Without Mind

This book is disturbing. All of us know that our privacy has eroded in the internet era. All of us know that self-driving cars are the wave of the future. All of us at one time or another have been entangled in a phone conversation with an automated answering system that serves as sentry to… Read More World Without Mind

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Reading Musings

Out of Sorts is my first read by blogger Sarah Bessey. The book details her efforts to reconcile the different parts of her experiences with church. Though she does not go into detail about the kinds of hurts she has sustained, we gather that there have been some; she also discusses various questions over the… Read More Reading Musings