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Who does a Christian vote for in this election? The two major party candidates seem desperately inadequate in both character and policy. I have been registered as a Republican for years, but the day after the nominee seemed determined, I changed to Independent. I’ve thought about it for some time, given how little real difference… Read More Quandary

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Links to Think About

I have been striking out in my recent reading efforts. I tried Ethan Canin’s Doubter’s Almanac and gave up quickly because it was unexpectedly tawdry. I tried Susan Wise Bauer’s Story of Western Science and felt bored. I’m plugging along with R.C. Sproul’s Who is Jesus? and just started Edward Rutherfurd’s Sarum — which, if… Read More Links to Think About

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Window of Opportunity

It’s hard to miss. Stories about the baffling support for Donald Trump among evangelicals are common these days, and no wonder. A greater contradiction is hard to imagine, for reasons that have been documented… well, everywhere. “Evangelicals love me,” the candidate himself has declared. I’m a reluctant Republican. Several years ago, I tried to change… Read More Window of Opportunity

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Dear Republicans

What strikes me most about last night’s results in the South Carolina primary is not that Trump won. It’s the fact that he did it with only a third of the votes. Between 65% and 70% of voters chose one of the other candidates. These other candidates need to start doing some soul searching. Most… Read More Dear Republicans

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Education — or Brainwashing?

You know, it’s funny. Christians are often perceived and represented as brainwashed. They refuse “the facts.” They shelter their kids from “scientific knowledge.” Their “faith” is just another word for “willful ignorance.” Or so they say. The “they” I refer to, in this case, is the educational bureaucracy of this country. It dominates public education… Read More Education — or Brainwashing?

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Seeking Hope

Pope Francis is visiting America for the first time. On Friday night’s Newshour, political commentators David Brooks and Mark Shields took up the subject of his visit. I have been struck lately by the entrance of religion into their discussion. They talked about the reaction of the families of those killed in the Charleston shootings.… Read More Seeking Hope