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“Watching Peeper”: A 10-year-old’s nature journal

I don’t often post my daughters’ work online, for various reasons. But I’m making an exception for my 10-year-old’s “Watching Peeper” journal pages about her monarch caterpillar. As you can see, she enjoys designing reusable pages for recording her observations. I’m interspersing photos I’ve taken with her pages — the equivalent of sketching for me, I’m coming to realize.

She also made a beautiful series of clay figures representing the life cycle of her caterpillar — and looking forward to Peeper’s emergence.

I’m so pleased with both daughters for their powers of observation, their sense of wonder, and the creative ways they find to express it. Watching the butterfly metamorphosis is a great parallel to watching our children growing wings.

8 thoughts on ““Watching Peeper”: A 10-year-old’s nature journal

  1. This is really neat. As I’ve struggled recently with what to keep out of three boxes of papers from my kids’ school work, I’d say this is a keeper. Your kids will have fond memories of this time, I believe.

  2. I love this – very creative and beautiful. Seeing God’s creation is breath-taking. It’s amazing how quickly the caterpillar changed.

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