World Without Mind

This book is disturbing. All of us know that our privacy has eroded in the internet era. All of us know that self-driving cars are the wave of the future. All of us at one time or another have been entangled in a phone conversation with an automated answering system that serves as sentry to… Read More World Without Mind


Educational Evolution

Higher education is touted as an essential feather in one’s cap if a white collar income is your goal. It is seldom touted as anything else, in fact; almost no mention is ever made of its shaping effect on mind or character, or of the importance of a citizenry knowledgeable of history and literature and… Read More Educational Evolution

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Recent Reads

I’ve found myself returning to posts on my “Reviews” page to refresh my memory of certain books, and I realize once again that this blog has, in a sense, spoiled me. If I think, “I’ll just keep a reading journal with pen and paper,” it doesn’t happen. This is where my reading is centralized. It’s… Read More Recent Reads


Steve Jobs

Though I’m neither an especially tech savvy person nor an Apple devotee, lately I’ve been hearing about Steve Jobs everywhere. He seems to be the one people like to quote, especially his comments about designing not the products people want, but the ones people would want if they knew they existed. When my husband watched… Read More Steve Jobs


More work…?

If we have such an effective attentional filter, why can’t we filter out distractions better than we can? Why is information overload such a serious problem now? For one thing, we’re doing more than ever before. The promise of a computerized society, we were told, was that it would relegate to machines all of the… Read More More work…?


The Glass Cage

A few years ago, I read Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together, which studied the effects of social media on our relationships. Though I really liked the book, I couldn’t relate as well to the earlier portions that focused on the development of robots. “What does this have to do with me?” I wondered. I feel differently… Read More The Glass Cage



We were working on our salad when he seemed to change the subject and asked, as we all sometimes do, about the role of moral authority in restraining a person from doing wrong. That is, how much do people rely on the physical proximity of others to influence their ethical behavior? We agreed that if… Read More Anonymusing

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Vanishing Privacy

I heard this report the other night while I was making dinner. It’s about Facebook changing its privacy policy (again) and users’ discomfort about it (again). The article is worth reading, but what jumped out at me was the remark by one user that Facebook really isn’t optional anymore. I’m not on Facebook and have… Read More Vanishing Privacy