This evening, we went back to the spot where I saw all the monarch butterflies. “We can always head across to the airport and look there if we don’t find any caterpillars,” I commented as we piled in the car. “We won’t need to. We’ll find one,” said my husband. Actually, we found three. We brought them all home, telling ourselves that we were saving them from hurricane winds over the weekend. My oldest is visiting relatives, so this was a special experience for Younger…Continue Reading “Jackpot”

I’ve been confused for several years about the time frame for monarch caterpillars in our area. As a child, we would find the caterpillars and observe the metamorphosis in September, after school started. But in the several years we did it when my daughters were younger, it occurred in the summer. My husband would find caterpillars on the milkweed by the fuel system at the airport where he worked, and bring them home. The last year we did it (2006 or 2007), he brought home…Continue Reading “Monarch Musings”

Today, we went searching for monarch caterpillars. It’s been several years since we’ve been able to observe the metamorphosis, and I’ve had a hankering to do it again. Unfortunately, we found not a single monarch caterpillar, though we visited three milkweed groves. We did see some interesting things though. Apparently, milkweed is a popular hangout for young gray treefrogs, which we identified from photos at this site. Here are some of ours: They blend in beautifully with the green of the leaf, and they look…Continue Reading “Milkweed Adventures”