Friday Fave 5

This space has been neglected lately, thanks to a combination of busyness and my general ambivalence about being online. But I find myself drawn back to Across the Page, remembering the good things this discipline of daily writing provided. One of the best is the Friday Fave Five roundup, hosted by Susanne at Living to… Read More Friday Fave 5


Lady of Shalott

This week, Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shalott” was on my 6th grader’s reading list. She read it, then last night I read it aloud to both girls and basically we all registered our questions and observations; I was too tired to do any more than that. But this morning, I got up and started investigating… Read More Lady of Shalott

Chapter Books

The Castle of Llyr

We’re continuing to enjoy Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain, and we finished the third book, The Castle of Llyr, this morning after a few marathon read-aloud sessions. This tale included the further adventures of Taran and Eilonwy and their band of delightfully ordinary friends. They run up against a befuddled princeling named Rhun, a small-spirited… Read More The Castle of Llyr


Friday Fave 5: March 1

The truth is, I’m a little down today — feeling inadequate and blah. At work, my husband was talking with a man here temporarily from Wyoming. The man’s company may keep him here for several years. “I don’t know if I can take it,” he said. “In Wyoming we have cold weather and snow, too,… Read More Friday Fave 5: March 1


A Little House Traveler

I picked up A Little House Traveler by chance on the juvenile biography shelf last week. Barbara at Stray Thoughts hosts a Laura Ingalls Wilder Challenge this month, and when I saw this title it looked interesting. It was a very quick-moving read comprised of Laura’s letters and journals from three of her trips: from… Read More A Little House Traveler

Children's Books

Read-Aloud Thursday: Parrots, Hamsters, Goblins, and American History

I’ve wanted to participate in Read Aloud Thursday for awhile now. It’s an opportunity to share the books your family is experiencing together. I have an 11-year-old and a 9-year-old, and as usual the reading we’ve been doing is all over the map. The one kind of book that’s lacking is — Valentine’s Day books!… Read More Read-Aloud Thursday: Parrots, Hamsters, Goblins, and American History