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Two Ways of Reading

…I believe that most people who read the Bible as Scripture do so in one of two ways: compliantly or conversantly… …Compliant readers are individuals whose basic instinct is to read the Bible trustingly. Those who read this way accept the Bible’s claims, adopt its values, and embrace its assumptions without necessarily giving serious consideration… Read More Two Ways of Reading


Introvert Power

From a young age, most of us are taught the value of social skills. We learn how to introduce ourselves, how to smile and be polite. We are told to be friendly and make friends. These are all useful abilities to develop. But how many of us are taught the value of solitude skills? How… Read More Introvert Power


The Poisonwood Bible

There are currently 1,545 reviews of this novel already listed at Amazon. What can I possibly add? Nothing. Yet I’ve just had my own personal experience of the book nonetheless. I blog partly to come to terms with reading experiences, and after such a weighty, sprawling, powerful novel as this, I feel the need to… Read More The Poisonwood Bible

Chapter Books

Dragons Galore

It’s Edith Nesbit all the way this week. Well, for the purposes of this post, that is — I’m writing about Edith Nesbit. In our reading we’ve zipped about among some other writers too, but I’m focusing on just Nesbit because The Book of Dragons is the first time I’ve been won over. My previous… Read More Dragons Galore