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It’s been an exciting few days at the Cornell hawk-cam. On Sunday, the first hatchling pipped its way out. Thousands of people watched as it worked all day trying to get out of its shell. Then a second egg pipped. There was no sighting of the actual chick to signify completion of the task. Then… Read More Hatch

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First pip

As of tonight, the first pip — sort of a dimple in the egg where the chick is beginning to push its way out — has appeared in one of the Cornell red-tailed hawks’ eggs. I thought of Rufous Redtail, an old favorite I reviewed awhile back. In honor of the first possible hatchling, I… Read More First pip

Nature Study


As the girls and I drove home yesterday along a busy thoroughfare, I saw this hawk perched along a popular walking trail. It’s a former railroad bed transformed into a sort of sidewalk, about two miles long, and it’s usually hopping with walkers, runners, bikers, rollerbladers. I had run there myself yesterday morning. But now… Read More Potential

Nature Study

Red-Tail Observation

Our family has been enjoying the Cornell University red-tailed hawk nest-cam this week. We even participated in the contest to name the male red-tail, suggesting “Romulus.” I thought it was pretty great, but alas, we didn’t make the cut for vote-worthy names. (Sigh…) In any case, we decided to incorporate it into our nature study… Read More Red-Tail Observation

Nature Study

Red-tailed Hawk Nest

My husband has challenged us to find a red-tailed hawk nest to observe this spring. So far, we’ve had no luck finding one… till today, when the announcement of a live nest-cam at Cornell University appeared in my inbox. You can see “Big Red” and her as-yet-unnamed mate here. As of today they’ve laid two… Read More Red-tailed Hawk Nest

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Learning Curve

I’m trying to learn how to photograph birds in flight. I’ve taken so many pictures, and few if any have turned out. Today I’ve done some reading on the subject and feel encouraged; there are some things I can do, some adjustments I can make, to improve. Meantime, I’ve been reading Barbara Brown Taylor’s An… Read More Learning Curve