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I’ve been reading in undisciplined fashion this summer — which means that instead of being in my usual one-book-at-a-time mode, I’m in multi-read mode. Currently I’m alternating between Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, Edith Nesbit’s Treasure Seekers, and, in preparation for my soon-to-be sixth grader’s reading list for next year, Don Quixote. (Hers will be… Read More Books in the atmosphere

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Now I Remember: The Autobiography of Thornton W. Burgess

Sometimes you can enjoy a series of books, but grow disillusioned when you read the author’s biography. (This happened to me when I read Elizabeth Goudge’s autobiography.) But in Thornton Burgess’s case, I find my respect and liking for the man greatly increased by reading his autobiography. And I am drawn back to the stories… Read More Now I Remember: The Autobiography of Thornton W. Burgess

Chapter Books


We’ve been enjoying hamster stories around here. Last Christmas, the addition of two of these little rodents led the kids to dub our home “New Hamsterdam.” Then a few months later my daughter won a local writing contest with a hamster story of her own. It was inevitable that we would discover Betty Birney’s stories… Read More Rodentry


Watership Down

Watership Down is one of the books Mrs. G., the school librarian when I was in 8th grade, recommended. I remember loving it, but beyond that, and beyond the general subject matter of rabbits, I didn’t remember anything. Having recently acquired a pet rabbit, now seemed like the time to reread this novel about all… Read More Watership Down

Chapter Books

Rabbit Hill

Back in May when I was raking dead leaves off my flower garden, I uncovered a nest of baby rabbits. There was brief chaos: I wondered if I’d stepped on them or hurt them with the rake, it started raining, and my husband was on the phone and couldn’t immediately lend his more level head… Read More Rabbit Hill