Thoughts on Prince Caspian

My husband has been away this week. Here’s what this has meant for me: I miss him. The girls miss him. I get to read in the evening without the television being on. I’ve discovered that though I’m allegedly a grown-up, I’m still afraid of the dark. A little. It makes noises louder – especially when reading

The Red Castle Women

As a matter of curiosity, I requested this book through interlibrary loan back in the fall. It was one that I’d read and reread as an eighth grader after the school librarian recommended it to me. Somewhere in the dim recesses of my mind, I remembered bits and pieces from the book, and I wanted

Mitchell’s Book of Job

I bought this book on the strength of the excerpts in Bill McKibben’s Comforting Whirlwind: God, Job and the Scale of Creation. The translation was such a rich, vivid rendering of the poetry that I wanted an extended experience of it. Turns out that Mitchell’s interpretive introduction was equally rewarding. Mitchell considers the work on

Celebrate the Author: Chris Van Allsburg

I’m not exactly an expert on Chris Van Allsburg. My first acquaintance with him was The Polar Express, long before it became Hollywood fare. I think it was my mother, then a kindergarten teacher, who introduced me to the book when I was in college, and I thought it was great. After my daughter experienced

Certain Women

Sometimes I like books without any idea why. Madeleine L’Engle’s Certain Women is about an actress who returns to attend to her dying father, a stage actor who reviews his life through the lens of a role he longed to play, but never did — that of the biblical King David. If you ask me

Job Journal V: Toward some answers

It wouldn’t be fair to blog about my raw reading responses, then not come back and revise my initial impressions as I learn more about the book. This’ll probably be my last entry on Job for awhile, though there’s plenty I haven’t touched yet (Elihu, for instance). Here are some discoveries so far, followed by my reading list:

First Grade Curriculum Review

We’ve finished our first year of homeschooling, and I want to get some thoughts down while it’s fresh about the curriculum used in the different subject areas for first grade. Math: I started with Singapore but switched to Saxon, mainly because I needed a bit more guidance myself in how to teach the concepts. My daughter

Job Journal IV: Struggles

I’m trying to get my struggles with Job into words. I’m coming at the book from a perspective of faith, but there are some snarls that I haven’t untangled yet. It gets to the question of trust. I have faith that God is, and that he is good. But the effect of this book is

The Comforting Whirlwind: God, Job, and the Scale of Creation

It’s partly a theology book. Partly a personal meditation. Partly a Jeremiad. Partly prophetic. That’s a lot of categories for a book just 95 pages long. Crisply written, provocatively presented, and compellingly argued, The Comforting Whirlwind by Bill McKibben offers an analogy between Job facing down the religious orthodoxy of his day, and modern-day western culture’s need to confront a

Journalling Job III: Big Picture

When all is said and done, this is a baffling book to me. For years I’ve settled for bits and pieces of what others have said about it, and though I’ve read it several times myself, I’ve never truly faced my bafflement. Now I’m acknowledging it. It’s a tremendously rich book, one with many doors