Picture Books

Eight Days

A picture book about a child trapped under the rubble of an earthquake? It would take a rare writer to accomplish such a feat. Edwidge Danticat does it. Eight Days uses very simple text and vivid, splashy pictures to narrate the eight days of Junior’s wait beneath his collapsed house in Haiti. Unable to move… Read More Eight Days



Most of the descriptions of Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford share some common phraseology. It is Gaskell’s “best-known work,” “gently comic,” a novella about country life and manners. Narrated from the point of view of a young woman who occasionally visits Cranford, the book focuses on Miss Mattie Jenkyns, a later-middle-aged spinster, as its main character and… Read More Cranford

Chapter Books

The Phantom Tollbooth

We tried The Phantom Tollbooth last year as a read-aloud, but we didn’t finish it. My older daughter was interested; my younger, not so much. This week they brought home the audiobook, read by David Hyde Pierce (a.k.a. Niles Crane of Frasier), and it was such a dramatically different experience I returned to the library… Read More The Phantom Tollbooth


Decision Points

Former President George Bush’s Decision Points hasn’t been an easy read for me. Politics isn’t a world where I feel very at home or savvy, and of course this book is an account of a life steeped in politics. I would class it as an apologia, a defense and explanation of the decisions Mr. Bush… Read More Decision Points


B, B, Biology

I’ve been searching for a different look, so don’t be surprised if Across the Page looks different every time you stop in. My blog is a little like my hair: I may get it cut in different ways, but somehow it always ends up looking basically the same. On the blog, that means a big… Read More B, B, Biology