Educational Evolution

Higher education is touted as an essential feather in one’s cap if a white collar income is your goal. It is seldom touted as anything else, in fact; almost no mention is ever made of its shaping effect on mind or character, or of the importance of a citizenry knowledgeable of history and literature and… Read More Educational Evolution

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My kids surprise me. A fly on the wall would have heard this conversation last night: Younger Daughter (12): Mom, I don’t think I can read Men of Iron. It’s sooooo boring! Me: Really?? Aren’t you liking Ivanhoe? [Our current knights and castles read-aloud.] YD: Yes! Me: If you like Ivanhoe, trust me, you’ll like… Read More Overheard

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Education — or Brainwashing?

You know, it’s funny. Christians are often perceived and represented as brainwashed. They refuse “the facts.” They shelter their kids from “scientific knowledge.” Their “faith” is just another word for “willful ignorance.” Or so they say. The “they” I refer to, in this case, is the educational bureaucracy of this country. It dominates public education… Read More Education — or Brainwashing?


School Year Eve

It’s that time again: the school year is about to start, and the new books and other materials are looking shiny and attractive. Picking out materials is always a favorite part of home education for me! By May (earlier than May, if we’re going to be brutally honest), the bloom will be off the rose,… Read More School Year Eve

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Why bother?

“When we reflect that ‘sentence’ means, literally, ‘a way of thinking’ (Latin: sententia) and that it comes from the Latin sentire, to feel, we realize that the concepts of sentence and sentence structure are not merely grammatical or merely academic — not negligible in any sense. A sentence is both the opportunity and the limit… Read More Why bother?

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Beauty in the Word

Though Catholic schools are the ostensible audience, Stratford Caldecott’s Beauty in the Word is a thought-provoking read for anyone interested in the subject of education — or worried about current trends. The book explores the classical trivium and shares many insights into the nature of learning as well as the power of language, story and… Read More Beauty in the Word


Factory or Garden?

I thought this was an interesting article about ADHD. It discusses the insights yielded by recent research on children with ADHD. Apparently, in these children the connections between the area of the brain largely responsible for focus and other regions are slower to develop. This suggests that it’s simply a matter of brain maturity occurring… Read More Factory or Garden?



Homeschooling with a new puppy and a bum foot is quite the experience. I’ve wondered before how folks with a newborn or a toddler manage to homeschool the older siblings. I think I have just the tiniest taste of it now. For one thing, my recovery from foot surgery got a setback when my appointment… Read More Challenges