Welcome to Across the Page, online address of Janet Goodrich. I write about books, home education, the life of faith, and parenting. This blog also reflects my family’s growing interest in nature exploration and study up through May 2012, when I started a second blog focusing on nature and photography at Discovering Nature.

I have a doctorate in English and have authored one book, a literary study of the author Wendell Berry. In my former life I taught college English, but these days my full-time occupation is educating my two children at home. In general, we follow the classical model laid out in The Well-Trained Mind, the book that has been the single biggest influence on my home education philosophy. I am not someone who ever planned to home school, but this book captured my imagination and inspired me. The ideas of Charlotte Mason are a growing influence on my approach to education as well.

Muriel Rukeyser wrote that the world is made up of stories, not atoms. I think this is why people start blogs in the first place: to capture and clarify the stories of our lives. But I also think that the humanities — music, art, literature — constitute a crucial record of the larger human story we all fit into. Sites like this one continue to celebrate the importance of art and speculative thought.

Thanks for stopping by; I hope you’ll find some encouragement here! Feel free to share your thoughts and comments, and come again soon.