Poetry Friday: Back to Basics

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If children live with criticism
they learn to condemn

If children live with hostility
they learn to fight

If children live with ridicule
they learn to be shy

If children live with shame
they learn to feel guilty

If children live with tolerance
they learn to be patient

If children live with encouragement
they learn confidence

If children live with praise
they learn to appreciate

If children live with fairness
they learn justice

If children live with security
they learn to have faith

If children live with approval
they learn to like themselves

If children live with acceptance and friendship
they learn to find love in the world

Poetry Friday Button2My mom, a kindergarten teacher, hung this poem by the well-known author “Anonymous” in the den of the house I grew up in. I had forgotten all about it till I stumbled upon it in 101 Poems to Get You Through the Day (and Night). Someone, please post it on my forehead! It may not be cutting-edge poetry… It may oversimplify human beings as programmable… It may not contain vivid language and daring metaphor. But I love it anyway.

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7 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Back to Basics

  1. I have favorite poems that won’t be studied in any graduate school classes either, but they are dear to my heart because they came from my mom or my grandmother – and they ring true. Thanks for posting this one of yours.

  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this one. Definitely bears repeating and taking to heart once again. Thanks, Janet.

  3. My mom was a kindergarten teacher too and we had this one posted in the kitchen, along with one about being thankful to wash dirty dishes. Thanks for stirring the memories.

  4. It’s worth remembering, and taking to heart. “Desiderata” was one I had on my wall as a teenager.

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