Consider the lilies

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I’ve been thinking about God sending the Israelites into the wilderness for 40 years to discipline them for their unbelief. On Sunday a picture of the desert was projected on a screen in church, and what struck me most was how utterly barren it was.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

There is no way the Israelites could provide anything for themselves. They couldn’t raise crops or pasture livestock. They couldn’t barter with the hostile neighbors for clothing. Yet we’re told that God provided manna to eat, water to drink, and clothing that didn’t wear out.

It ties in with Jesus’ teaching much later to “consider the lilies” in Matthew 6. Don’t worry about tomorrow, he tells us; God provides for the birds and the flowers, and he will provide for you.

Even if outward circumstances are reduced to the most barren desert conceivable — freedoms withdrawn, income reduced, all visible reference points of security or identity lost — God provides for his children. For nations? Personally I don’t think so. But for his children who trust him, he provides for every need.

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  1. Sometimes when we’re getting ready for a trip and I’m trying to prepare for any and everything, I have to remind myself that we’re not going to outer Mongolia, that there will be Wal-Marts and food places along the way if we forget something. This is a good reminder that if God could take care of Israel in a desert with NO resources, He can certainly provide for me.

    Some years ago we heard a dear elderly missionary fried speak on the verse “Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?” (forgive me for not taking the time to look up the reference), and he showed by multiple examples through their lives how He did just that.

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