Friday Fave Five — 2/1/13

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I’m just in under the wire, I think, but better late than never when it comes to combing over the last week for its best moments, achievements and happenings.

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1. School went well. I became a hard teacher this week with my homeschooled third and sixth grader. It meant that certain goals got accomplished. As they say, it rises and falls on leadership, and I made some much-needed improvements this week.

2. Getting things done: orthodontist evaluations for the girls, haircuts, an appointment to get the damper noise fixed on our piano. I’m not sure why I procrastinate so badly about setting such appointments up!

spitsy93. Older Daughter got started with the 4H horse she’ll be working with for her project horse. (This is actually a fave from two weeks ago.) It’s a miniature horse named Spitsy, and she’s beginning to learn how to care for and work with him. His owner is very knowledgeable and a great teacher, and we appreciate her generosity with both her her horse and her expertise very much!

4. Younger Daughter made the first basket in her first Upward basketball game. Go Number 5!

5. Sewing with Grandma. My mother-in-law is an accomplished seamstress, and she came over and worked with the girls on different projects today. Younger Daughter is making a quilt; Older Daughter is making some clothes. Seeing as I don’t have the gene for sewing or comprehending how to read a pattern, this is a real blessing for the girls. :-/

bballThat’s five, but here are a few more things I’m glad about:

*I ordered Les Mis — the Norman Denny translation, based on Amy’s recommendation. I need something sweeping, involved, and affirming to occupy my mind and imagination, and I’m taking the leap.

*I got a letter from a favorite author, in response to one I wrote him, and received some unexpected affirmation and encouragement that meant a lot to me.

*Older Daughter and I made a book about one of our favorite nature study experiences last year, and it turned out really good. I’m thinking I may share it here, if I can figure out how to do it.

*Boats, boats, and more boats out of balsa wood. It used to be horses; now it’s boats testifying to the restless creative energies of Daughter #1. She’s getting in her 10,000 hours at creating. Who knows where it will lead? I love that she creates things.

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I haven’t joined in on this carnival in quite awhile, but it’s always worthwhile. What are your faves from this week?

9 thoughts on “Friday Fave Five — 2/1/13

  1. Would that be a letter from WB? Wow! :-)

    I love the boats. They are so detailed! Your daughter has a real gift for this, I think.

    I know what you mean about sewing. My eldest loves to sew, but I don’t. Thankfully, sewing machines abound in our family.

    I enjoyed getting a peek into your week!

  2. The boats are so cool. I remember making a few out of wood when i was a kid, but nothing like hers. Does she carve them, or assemble? Use a kit, or design it from scratch? I’d love to see them floating!

    1. She designs them herself and whittles them. They’re all different. I should get a pic of the whole fleet in the tub sometime, each with a tiny clay horse steering. :-) The real fun is just making them, I think.

  3. Kudos to the teacher!! And Spitsy is SO cute. I think it’s great that your girls are learning to sew from their grandmother.

    Great to have you join us at FFF today. Have a great week ahead.

  4. I tend to procrastinate with those kinds of appointments, too. I have a whole list of calls I need to make to set them up.

    Spitsy looks adorable! How fun to be able to get some hands-on practice and have someone to share their expertise.

    I love that your mom is teaching your daughters to sew. I’m a somewhat frustrated seamstress when I do sew, so I don’t know if I could teach anyone else.

    Those boats are amazing. I am impressed! And congrats to the budding BB player as well.

  5. oh what awesome boats. My oldest daughter (now 19 and at Gordon College) took equestrian for 6 years and loved it. the only reason she stopped was the rigorous academic and music schedule she had at school. she just couldn’t spend 4 hours a week i nthe barn. but she did say someday she will go back to riding and jumping.

    that’s great that your girls will learn to sew. I don’t sew. but both of their grandmas do/did.

    Love discovering your blog! i’ll be back because my spiriitual temperament is Naturalist and i’m totally into nature/God’s creation. i often post about it, too!!

  6. That is a beautiful horse. So generous of those who share their horses with the 4H so that kids can learn to love and take care of them.

    Yay for your basketball player. I always loved watching my kids play basketball in that age group. So much more for fun and not so competitive.

    What a blessing that your girls have someone who can teach them to sew! I’m like you and don’t have the skills at all.

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