1. Zach

    Thanks for reviewing this book. I hadn’t yet heard that Wendell Berry had released new fiction. I’ll be buying it later today, I think. I read close to a dozen of Berry’s books in 2012 and look forward to continuing in 2013.

    If you don’t already, you should definitely make all the links (and pictures) in your review posts Amazon affiliate links.

    Thanks again for this review and your others.

  2. Janet

    Thanks for stopping by, Zach. Sounds like you’ve had a very rich reading year! — a perfect context for reading this book.

    I have an affiliate account but haven’t done much with it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. ·

    I just went through a book of Christmas short stories and found it hard to get through. I liked the stories, and you’d think a book like that would be easy to pick up and put down….but there wasn’t the momentum like there is to see what happens next in the next chapter. But this sounds more interconnected and poignant. I do want to read Berry some time.

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