The girls and I took a walk in the snow the other day. Now I have shots of this path, which my youngest calls the tree tunnel, in three of the four seasons.




Lovely spot.

I also saw more critters over the weekend — this muskrat, who couldn’t figure out what the beeping and clicking of my camera was:

This tree with not one, but two, puffy red-tails sitting in it:

These pics of two different hawks in the same general vicinity:

This is its mate, at a different time of day in the same tree. We’re trying to distinguish them by their coloration.

This is their son or daughter, I’m pretty sure. It was a ways down the road, but we see it in the same territory. Its tail isn’t red yet, and it’s not as wary as its parents.

And last but not least, a few cute feeder birds — a junco,

And chickadees at work on our pinecone feeder.

That last one isn’t the greatest quality picture, but I love it. It looks like the chickadee is making a snow angel in the air. Talk about poetry in motion!


4 thoughts on “Weekend sights

  1. I just love looking at all of your outdoor pictures. And I keep saying that without further description but it’s true. There’s nothing really TO say other than they are pretty and make me anxious to get outdoors and start exploring!

    I do especially like the last photograph of the chickadee in motion. :)

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