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Read Aloud Thursday: Trees

We’ve enjoyed three amazing books about trees this week.

Ancient Ones: The World of the Old Growth Douglas Fir is a beautifully illustrated, calligraphied, wonderfully informative book by Barbara Bash. The detail is amazing: wildlife among the living trees, creatures thriving in the dead ones and the process of decomposition, the beneficial effects of a forest fire, the requirements of a new seedling. All of this factual information is wrapped in a narrative that creates the hushed, listening atmosphere of an old growth forest.

Jason Chin’s Redwoods is another stunning discovery. It details the wonder of the coast redwoods, traveling from roots to the intricate web of life supported in the canopy. I desperately want to drop everything and go to the west coast so the girls can see these magnificent trees. This is a winner in terms of both information and fun, as some of the illustrations have visual jokes and subtexts that the girls readily appreciated.

A Log’s Life by Wendy Pfeffer follows the creatures that live in an oak tree before and after it’s blown down, taking us through the stages of its decomposition. The illustrations by Robin Brickman are made from cut paper, giving the pages a textured, collage-like effect. It’s a visually striking, interesting book that leaves us marveling over the economy of nature.

I have a couple of projects in mind that I’d like to do with the girls involving trees, and these books have prepared the way perfectly. How about you? What has your family been reading this week? Share it in the comments, or write up a post and link to Read Aloud Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Read Aloud Thursday: Trees

  1. I’m so jealous of Carrie and her proximity to the Redwoods!

    We loved the first one you mention, and I had the second one home from the library and ran out of time to read it! I could kick myself now! I shall definitely hunt it up again. That third one looks so interesting, both visually and in terms of content.

    So glad you played this week!

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