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Books Read in 2011

It’s the season for lists, and here’s mine. It includes a few (4) of the chapter books I read to my daughters. Alcorn, Randy. Safely Home. Berry, Wendell. “Fidelity.” —. “The Boundary.” Blanchard, Ken and Spencer Johnson. The One Minute Manager. Bowditch, Eden Unger. The Atomic Weight of Secrets. Brooks, Geraldine. March. —. People of… Read More Books Read in 2011


A Wing in the Door

A Wing in the Door by Peri Phillips McQuay is by turns a beautiful and a frustrating book. It narrates the fate of a female red-tailed hawk taken illegally by a would-be falconer from her nest when only a month old. The hawk — named Merak — is confiscated by Canadian authorities and kept at… Read More A Wing in the Door

Bible, Music

The Messiah

Last year, I wrote a post about the reasons I love Handel’s Messiah. It’s one of the posts that was lost when I switched hosts. But again I’m thinking of this sublime weaving of art and truth, delighting in it in my kitchen, in my car, and with my children. On Sunday, my husband was… Read More The Messiah



My pastor mentioned Outliers in a Sunday school class. He’d read part of it, and it sounded interesting. I picked up a copy at the library to read, but I wasn’t expecting it to provoke so much thought or to have such an impact. It’s really given me a lot to think about. “Outliers” are… Read More Outliers

Chapter Books

I Saw Three Ships

The girls and I read Elizabeth Goudge’s I Saw Three Ships last year for Christmas, but it didn’t wow any of us. In fact, none of us even remembered it. This year was different. It’s a short chapter book, and we read through it in a more concentrated way than we did last year, in… Read More I Saw Three Ships



After writing this post about the role of experts in the morphing of the Christmas season in area public schools, I read Alice’s post about how Christians are partly to blame. She makes some great points about Christmas being meaningful to Christians, but not to people of other faiths, or of no faith. Our church… Read More Afterthought


Off limits

I’ve been thinking about this article I read yesterday. It’s about the multicultural holiday season in the public schools. The basic gist is that public education no longer operates under the benighted view that Christmas is about Christmas. Now, it’s about “instruction that teaches students about the variety of cultural celebrations this time of year.”… Read More Off limits